I now know the final battle.

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Follow more people back tomorrow, I’ve reached the limit.

xercist asked: yap I'm finally on my holidays! I feel so much better, at times I can even enjoy my life :) I've met so many nice and genuine people over here, not fake at all. they make me almost want to continue my life for a little longer! hows it going over there? you seem busy lately! hope you're all good :)

Anonymous asked: i'm terribly sorry if this isn't your thing, but is it okay if i just hold your hand and let you talk about everything? i want to listen to you. you can go on for hours. i won't mind. ~A

Anonymous asked: I wanna hang out with you cuz everyone says you're so sweet and I need a guy like that

Anonymous asked: Dylannn you are amazing.

Anonymous asked: I'm not being a troll when i ask this but are you into bondage? or anything like that?

Anonymous asked: are you back!? I missed you so much baby!


Anonymous asked: you really are never online anymore:'(


pisttol asked: Dyl, what would your ideal be like?


Anonymous asked: Please stop leaving us for these long amounts of time.<3

as you command